Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Emperor Still Has No Clothes

The Imperial President's latest usurpation of Congressional prerogative, granting amnesty to as many as 5.5 million undocumented aliens, has set the stage for the first post-midterm showdown.  In mid-December legislation will have to be passed by the lame duck Congress to keep the government's doors open.

For years, Congress has failed to pass routine appropriations bills for Washington's fiscal year, which begins in September. Last year was no exception with  short term funding extended only through next month. Now, there's talk within the victorious Republican caucus to attach a rider to any funding bill that would repeal Obama's unconstitutional executive order bypassing immigration law. The President has already pledged a veto so the battle lines have been drawn.  

Or have they?  Rather than risk another public relations battle with the White House and its media allies, here's what the GOP should do until they have control of Congress next session.  Pass a short-term continuing resolution without any immigration rider that funds federal operations--but only until January or February, not September. Then, with the power to possibly override any veto, the GOP can then force the issue.  

The President's action is a clear indication of a tin ear as apparently the Nov. elections had no political effect on his unwillingness to offend the most extreme elements of his party. Yet, there is risk for Republicans in attaching an unrelated item to funding legislature. Succinctly, shutting down the government would not repeal the executive order.  However, maybe George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley can. He's just been hired by the House Caucus to lead a lawsuit against the White House overstepping its authority.

Bring it on. 

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