Sunday, November 16, 2014

The peasants grab the pitchforks...

As Gerald Ford once said, "America's long, national nightmare is over."

Well, maybe. Clearly the Republican rout last night stopped the bleeding (save for the country's most incorrigible states such as CA, OR & MN) from America's deep liberal wound of the past 6 years--but what remains is whether the GOP has the unity and courage to repair it.

America wants real change--why else would voters move so decisively not only on Senate races, but at nearly all levels of government. Indeed, Republicans hold more statehouses and have more U.S. House seats than at any time since Harry Truman.So now is the time to act.

No doubt, they won't get many bills signed by President Obama, but forcing him to veto popular measures is a sure way to set things up for 2016. What the GOP cannot afford to do is let big-government conservatives, such as Lindsey Graham & Peter King, horse trade with President Obama by agreeing to more domestic spending in exchange for more overseas entanglements. That's exactly how the GOP capitulated on the budget sequester.

And speaking of budgets, in all the talk over helath care, immigration, and energy, let's not lose focus on America's number one crisis: federal spending. Our $4 trillion annual budget has set deficit records totaling an accumulated $18 trillion in public debt the Federal Reserve has been busy monetizing. Congress has the power of the purse and there is no excuse for not sending the President responsible budgets for the next two years that rein in entitlements by forcing the Democrats hands on discretionary spending.

The point is, in all of the above, the GOP must stand for something if it wants this victory to be more than fleeting. The whole country knows what it doesn't like--now should be the time for someone to boldly show the nation what there is to like with a new governing majority. Historically, campaign consultants loathe proposing bold initiatives that can become targets, better to run against the other guy's record. But in order for this momentum to stay on track you better start giving the voters something to be for, and not just against. 

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