Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ode to the Working Man

Isn't it odd how liberals are always talking about the "working man" while doing everything they can to demean him. You know, the fellow who 'clings to religion and guns,' or the philistine who never got his four-year liberal arts degree and thus can't be taken seriously on matters of public policy.

Oh sure, modern day Democrats give lip service to big labor, but data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show unions only represent 11.1% of the labor market--and even that is increasingly made up of public sector workers who have little in common with their private sector brethren. No, the left today values the 'social sciences,' not the hard ones. The liberal intelligentsia is made up lawyers, professors, social workers, and movie stars--not the fellow fixing your car.

No doubt all professions have their place, but as Spencer Tracy once said, "Why do actors think they're so God damn important? They're not. Acting is not an important job in the scheme of things. Plumbing is." In the interest of full disclosure, I'd only say Spencer forgot to add talk show hosts and commentators as well.

I was reminded of all this recently when tracking down a faucet repair kit for the kitchen sink, not to mention taking the car in for work. If you want to talk about real talent, take a hard look at the knowledge required to maintain modern machinery. Naturally, those who engineer and design these complex systems are immensely skilled, but I'm talking about the guys and gals on the front lines. The mechanics, the plumbers, the HVAC tech, the lathe operator, and the person behind the counter searching for just the part you need. Of course, don't forget the businesses who employ these folks and stock the company shelves with a precision that would easily confound the average political pundit on the tube.

These, and those who hire and support them, are the 'working' men and woman who make the economy go. So here's to the wholesalers, the jobbers, the dealers and the people they employ. Ain't that America...

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