Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Message

Memorial Day's Civil War heritage of honoring our fallen service members never fails to inspire--especially when you view this remarkable picture taken by amateur photographer Frank Glick at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Paying respects is certainly an annual ritual for me as my father and two older brothers were proud members of the military.

Yet there's another aspect to this weekend's festivities which we often forget. I was reminded of it this morning when stopping by my favorite coffee shop. There was the owner in very early and hard at work--while the rest of us were getting ready for the Holiday. It is, in my view, exactly this sort of dedication to the task at hand that adds value to life. And it's also why we honor the dead--regardless of their civilian background. Think of it, had not the most enterprising souls who came before us left things better than they found them, the world would be far less inhabitable and our lives far less enjoyable. Indeed, nearly every new invention is predicated upon the discoveries of the past.

So this Memorial Day, while remembering the nation's service members, let's also remember those who contributed in so many other ways to the greatness of our nation. And not just in times of war. We should all do well to remember generations past whose toil, hard work, ingenuity and perseverance made peacetime America what it is today--and our lives all the better for it.

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