Monday, June 22, 2015

The New Urbanist Agenda

You've heard all the euphemisms, 'smart growth,' 'regionalism,' and of course my favorite, 'new urbanism.' But they all mean the same thing: doing for the suburbs what the command and control leftist agenda has done for the cities. You see, the big concern of collectivists everywhere is the flight of human capital. They don't like it--whether in Charlotte, Denver, Portland or Minneapolis--so they subsidize the urban core (stadia, light rail, etc.) and penalize those who don't play along by exporting their problems to the suburbs. In fact, the motherlode is regional government so that folks simply can't flee the mess urban policies have created.

One leading crusader of this rather transparent phenomenon is Myron Orfield. The former statehouse legislator (and sometime advisor to the President) gave Minnesota such inanities as the "Liveable Communities Act" and was a hyper advocate for the "Fiscal Disparities Fund" (I told you these were all euphemisms, didn't I?)--which has been redistributing commercial property tax revenue from so-called rich communities to poor ones for decades here in the Twin Cities. Well, 'ol comrade Myron must finally be happy. The radical activist's oft-stated demand of suburbs taking their 'fair share' of low income housing is finally paying liberal dividends:…/…/. Orfield, who continues to exploit his sinecure as head of the renamed Institute on Race & Poverty at the University of Minnesota (your tax dollars at work) is now busy pushing metro wide Sec. 8 vouchers, saying, "The white suburbs never reach their goals for affordable are you going to meet your goals without subsidies?"

Hey, taxpayers deserve their money's worth, so Myron's also taking aim at charter schools for their failure to 'racially balance' their student enrollment. You don't suppose--in this enlightened Obama/Orfield era--it's worth asking why there seems to be more, not less, tragic incidents of a racial nature?

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