Thursday, September 17, 2015

If You Care About the Kids...


TO: President Barack Obama and fellow Democrats

FROM: Jason Lewis

SUBJECT: If you really care about the kids...

Mr. President, fellow Democrats and liberal do-gooders everywhere, if you really care about the kids...

...why do you not protect their own nation's borders while sending them off to fight foreign wars in Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria?

...why do you want to give them a national debt of $19 trillion?

...why do you insist on more taxes and regulations making it harder for employers to hire and train them?

...why do you make them pay for able-bodied ADULTS on welfare?

...and why on earth do you support funding an organization that harvests body parts from any child with a heartbeat and a brainwave?

Messrs. Obama, Biden, Clinton, Sanders, Reid et al, if you really care about the kids...

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