Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Syrian Mess

Imagine this, the West has a strongman in the Middle East serving as a counterweight to more extremist elements but after years of cooperation chooses to form a 'coalition of the willing' to overthrow him and turn the country into chaos. Oh I know, you're thinking George Bush and Iraq where ISIS and Al Qaeda have now emerged in the aftermath--and you might be right. But no, it's Barack Obama, John Kerry and Syria.

You might recall that at one time, the Syrian regime (created by the British and French after WWI) was quite helpful to Western interests, even fighting as an ally of the US in the Gulf War. The Syrians also supported our efforts for peace in Lebanon, have protected Christian minorities in and out of their country, and of course, as a Shia state, battled Sunni terrorists such as Al Qaeda for years. But because Bashar al Assad is in fact a strongman (yes, not our kind of leader), this administration--along with deadly the Islamic State--wants to oust him using CIA backed rebels and airstrikes.

Hey, worked in Libya.

Because of the civil war in Syria, millions of refugees are flooding over the border. One wonders why they don't stay and fight such an 'oppressive regime,' but we've seen this before. America goes into SE Asia to train the South Vietnamese; into Irag to train our newly installed government's army--but once the bullets fly, they flee and US troops are left to do the fighting. And we want to repeat this in Syria? Moreover, we are told that we need to accept some 200,000 refugees from Syria by 2017--even though everyone admits ISIS will use the refugee crisis to infiltrate the United States.

In fact, the United States admits about three times the number of refugees as the rest of the world and the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) is the entitlement state writ large, “rife with fraud, profitable for hundreds of non-profit organizations, and is a potential channel for terrorism into American communities,” says Don Barrett of the Center for Immigration Studies. Donald Trump says 'no way' on dangerous refugees and he's right.

So let's get this straight: a dedicated band of Sunni extremists from Al Qaeda to the Nusra Front to ISIS are trying to overthrow their arch-enemy Assad. The Russians, also fearing Islamic terrorist attacks on the homeland, are bombing this self-proclaimed Sunni 'Army of Conquest' and promises to get to the Islamic State next. So why stop them?

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