Sunday, August 14, 2016


I am humbled by the support our campaign has received during this election. From the start, this race has been fueled by voters who are fed up with the status quo and candidates who will be a continuation of the establishment policies--from both parties--that are simply failing us.

The stakes are high so expect our opponents to sling every ounce of mud they can muster from now until November. But the differences between Angie Craig’s policy positions and ours are stark. She will do her best to ‘moderate’ her positions, but make no mistake, Angie Craig's Minnesota would be a radical departure from our shared values of limited, constitutional government.

While I have a plan to restore economic prosperity, stop the reckless spending and fix the tax code, Angie Craig supports the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ budget that calls for $6.6 trillion in new tax revenue. While I want to repeal Obamacare, Angie Craig says it doesn't go far enough. Why she even supports the Obama Clean Power Plan that if implemented by an overreaching EPA would cost jobs right here in the 2nd district. I simply will not support policies that put 2nd district residents out of work. Finally, I'll commit to secure our border once and for all while Angie Craig is on record supporting President Obama’s executive order granting defect amnesty for illegal aliens and admitting tens of thousands of dangerous Syrian refugees.

In spite of all this, the hard left as well as political insiders will say I’m not 'politically correct.' There are right--I'm not. But I think it's time for bold--not timid--leadership to defeat the entrenched interests which have failed Minnesota. The stakes are too high for the usual red versus blue political gotcha games. And if you agree, please help us by volunteering at or donating (see link above right) to our campaign. Thank you.

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